Comic-con in Dubai!

Omagawd omagawd omagawd omagawd! Did I just read this right? Comic-con is coming to Dubai?! The middle east?! This cannot be true! An ardent fan of japanese manga and anime and a proud sister of DC and Marvel comics’ fan, my excitement escalated after confirmed news of the Middle East Film and Comic Convention happening in Dubai.

My fascination has been limited to watching the most-exciting-convention-for-graphic-art-readers, via TV, youtube or just browsing through images of various costly models (costume play). But the opportunity to participate and witness it live is simply unbelievable! And if nothing could be more extraordinary than to have a comic-con right here in the city of life, Jason Momoa (of Game of Thrones fame), Laurie Holden (Walking Dead), Chad Michael Murray (from One Tree Hill), John Rhys Davies aka Gimli from Lord of the Rings and many more celebrities will be parading in town for the MEFCC between April 20-21, 2012. I don’t know about you, but I’mma be on my best behavior to witness the event I’ve waited for years.

For more info about the event click here.


Buy your tickets before you watch those photos come alive on your friends’ facebook and twitter walls. Don’t pout later on and make me say ‘I told you so’ 😛