Laurie Holden’s inside scoop on Walking Dead season 3

The charming blond lady playing Andrea in the popular zombie series Walking Dead, dropped by Middle East comic con in Dubai. Her first time in Dubai, she called the visit a magical moment and was thrilled to venture across the city’s first comic con.

Following the hooking season finale of Walking Dead led by a hooded figure, Laurie Holden confirms the figure is indeed a woman, “The comic book fans would know, the figure is a woman, her name is Michonne”(sources have confirmed Danai Gurira to play the zombie-pet owner Michonne)

Regarding Andrea’s relationship with Michonne in the following season, Holden was glad to add, “Although I haven’t read the script, I have been inside the creative rooms and I can say Andrea and Michonne are going to be  amazing friends” Is she afraid the script-writers might hack her character at some point from the story? “It’s really heart-breaking when one of the characters dies because this is a very unique show. It’s very grueling, the weather’s like the sun in Dubai, it’s very emotional and we’re very close with one another, we’ve become very good friends. When one of us is written off the show it’s really rather devastating to say goodbye to a family member………..I’m hoping I don’t have a death anytime soon”

Laurie Holden hopes her character would live longer in season 3 (original photo by Vivin Oommen)

When asked if she thought the show would be a huge success at a time when Vampires and werewolves were the highlight of pop culture, Holden grinned “We didn’t expect such a huge response, I mean vampires are sexy, zombies are not. But they’ve been embraced internationally and I think there’s a reason for that. I think at a time of crisis…… I think there’s a tropical fear that people have and it’s in the air, and our zombies are a metaphor for the global economic crisis, for global warming, when the world’s uncertain”

About her thoughts on Andrea’s journey in season 3, Holden expressed her concern for retaining her character’s empathy “I hope no more people that I love die, I’m very grateful that she’s not suicidal anymore and she’s empowered herself and is becoming more of a survivor. I don’t know how long Andrea’s gonna live but I hope she falls in love, I hope she builds great friendships, I hope she kills a lot of zombies. I hope they build a new life somewhere, with peace at least for a while”

That was Laurie Holden spilling the beans on season 3. Watch out for more spoilers from John Rhys Davies about the legendary Lord of The Rings’ prequel The Hobbit and Max Landis talking about Chronicle 2. Coming up soooon!


Grounded for more than a year, yet adamant on objective

Just when you thought keeping him on house arrest could stop this man. Watch this man interview some of the most controversial individuals each week.

Game of Thrones leaked episode

5 seconds after watching the leaked episode of Game of Thrones, I realized……bad. mistake. While episode one of season 2 turned out to be less than the season one’s OMAGAWD-what’s-going-to-happen-next ending hooks, episode two nailed it!

I will not dare spoil the story for you out of the honor of being a fellow GOT fan, but believe me, you don’t know what season 2 has established if you haven’t watched episode 2 yet. My personal predictions are that this season would delve further into the white walkers, the development of Daenerys as the leader of her tribe, Geoffrey’s continued stupidity, a few traitors and of course Stannis Baratheon’s claim to the throne. The series is back with nudity, political uprisings, conspiracies, friendly threats, and a rather sly red witch to look out for.

Rumors speculate the leaked installment to be a publicity stunt for this year’s most awaited series when the episode was released online on HBO GO. Either ways, no one’s complaining. All i have to say is: OMAGWAD what’s going to happen next!

The Before and After

Ever had the epiphany of watching Hollywood child actors zoom past your eyes in a few years to resemble young adults? This music video Directed by Drew Barrymore would help you recall that “hey-isn’t-she-the-kid-from…..”

Remember any of these faces?

If not, here’s a little help:

Veronica played by Chloe Moretz, the little girl you might recall from the Amytville Horror or the sister from 500 days of Summer, now of the Martin Scorcese’s Hugo fame. The male lead ‘Lucky’ played by Tyler Posey, currently attached to MTV’s Teen Wolf fame. But what about the kid enthusiastic in political leaders from Maid in Manhattan? And the last, the hurt member of the Night Creepers gang, Miranda Cosgrove of the iCarly fame, or the annoying mischievous sister from Drake and Josh. All of whom are being hailed as the next-gen Hollywood stars. Let’s wish them all the luck in their starry furture.

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King 2 Hearts out now!

The awaited Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won drama is now on roll! I’ve been anticipating this drama for weeks. After the last fist-punching-Gil Ra Im that Ha Ji Won created in Secret Garden, I can’t wait to find out how good this will turn out. The subbed episode is now available here. And if you’re a die hard fan of korean dramas and can’t wait for subbed episodes, my favorite go-to blog for kpop culture, features recapped episodes of preferred dramas. King 2 Hearts is currently one of them. I’m off to catch the first two episodes but I’ll be back to provide my review of the latest korean series.

Can the drama follow the record-breaking success of  korean television show “Moon that embraced the Sun”?