Game of Thrones episode 3: What is Dead may Never Die


Game of Thrones is back with the third episode of it’s second season. I cannot help but marvel at the aptly titled ‘Clash of Kings’, the second installment in the series ‘A song of Fire and Ice’. Chaos has ensued the birth of leaders, some more fearsome than others, but proclaimed to be Kings nonetheless by their people. Episode three did not feature some characters to my dismay, Rob Stark, Daenerys Targareon, Jamie Lannister, Stannis Baratheon, the red witch etc. New characters however, were suitably introduced, but granted my ignorance to the books, only the following episodes shall reveal their significance. When I asked a fellow GOT books fan to brief me on what the series is about, he described them as the story of people’s stupidity with their meagre differences and hunger for power when something much more horrible awaits them beyond the wall. 


What I loved about this episode is watching Tyrion Lannister back to what he knows best: manipulating people. Honestly, why didn’t they choose him to be the Hand of the King sooner? No spoilers, be assured, but the imp has a far better talent than his siblings. His way with words is what saved his life many a times in season 1, but with the second season we watch him use communication with wisdom that would best befit his role as the King’s advisor. 


Cersei, the other Lannister, is drowning in her greed to sep the crown and protect her family. Her brief conversation with Sansar showed a glimmer of Cersei looking at herself, but that was washed away with yet another taunting remark from the Queen regent. She knows to trust none but her family and has worked her way in season 1 to keep them together, at the cost of Ed Stark. The execution that inaugurated all havoc in the realm of Fire and Ice. It saddens me to watch Sansar trapped in a castle with people who conspired to behead her own father and walk the path towards considering them family someday. I’ve heard rumors that her naivety will soon be at a loss as she adopts a rather bold role, and I cannot help but eagerly await her to take a powerful position. Perhaps her new hand-maid would be the spark. As for Arya, I’m excited to watch the young lady-lad strike in action very soon.




What do you think?

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