Natalie Portman as Paul McCartney’s “Valentine”


Quite a surprise to have the charming Natalie Portman and the Dark Shadows‘ lead Johnny Depp featuring in a Paul McCartney music video. I wouldn’t have expected Depp to take his musical talent to camera after a stunt with his high school band mates in Florida for a benefit.

I must say it’s a classy Black & White rendition for the music video with the timeless Natalie Portman lip-syncing the song along with sign language. Directed by Paul Mccartney (no, really) there are three versions of the video. Personally I prefer the Natalie Portman version. Johnny Depp appears to be a mute heartbroken hobo playing the guitar, which just doesn’t suit the grace of this song. Portman, looks ravishingly elegant and more sincere expressing her affection for her valentine. The version featuring both A-list actors is a rather awkward combination given the differences in their costume and make-up.

‘My Valentine’ reminds me of the 60’s when everything had it’s own time. So are we looking at another classic from Paul McCartney? Time shall tell.

What do you think?

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