My favorite magazines in Dubai

One can always customize the collection of magazines in Dubai. My genre leans more towards education, the youth and particularly in optimizing their potential. There are only so many publications when it comes to university, high school or education. My favs are the ones below:


A magazine for university students, UNI is the most vibrantly designed publications in the region. As such, the graphics only attract more students towards content. Let’s admit, getting students to read is a near-impossible feat, yet this publication manages to do so and with style. Can’t get a printed copy? Why not just check their website here.


Designed more intrinsically for high school students, ‘one eight one’ speaks on the theme ‘for youth, by youth’. The print platform has been a blessing in disguise for high school and university students to allocate their journalistic talent and experiment with it, rather than be showed the door for lack of experience. Covering all interests, one eight one also gathers more popularity in their interest to allow fans or readers to cover events of their choice on behalf of the magazine. Want to know more? Simple go here.


Now this one folks, is a gallery of the best artsy-fartsy work across the region. A local production, this magazine highlights design, craftwork, illustrations, photography and artwork you never thought originated from the Middle East, while some content features international artists. A flashy yet original take on art (and the winner of a bronze award at Dubai Lynx 2011 for Design) I can’t help but flip through the pages with the desire of wanting more…..(The electronic reader version of this magazine is available online here)


What do you think?

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