Coffee shop review #5: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Before I begin, let me say, what lovely interiors for a café located inside a mall. Coffee bean and tea leaf works on elegant interiors and classy furniture without losing appeal to a younger and vibrant customer base. My friend opted for the iced caramel mocha latte while I chose the marble cake. Our orders arrived early enough and eager as he was, sipped portion of his latte before he realized the ice hadn’t been crushed efficiently. Soon, he complained about the disappearance of caramel and the emergence of plain coffee. Considering my love for their interiors, I believed it was just that cup of iced caramel mocha latte that my friend had trouble with. So I set to explore my marble cake with the expectations of a fifteen year old whose about to receive her birthday gift. First bite: not bad. Second bite: this might be good. Third bite: it just needs to be warmed a little. Fourth bite: okay, that’s it! This cake is like a rock! How are you supposed to eat it?! And that’s the story of how the lovely walls couldn’t keep me away but the food inside it couldn’t make me stay. True story.

What do you think?

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