Coffee-shop review #3: Second Cup

And another café with brown leather seating, but this modest café had a dash of bright orange infused with the dull dark brown interiors. Stretched across a pathway at Dubai Mall, the bright orange tables give away it’s location. Service? Self, again, which meant waiting for the baristas to prepare our order. Besides the usual café lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, they have a variety of signature blend espressos so my friend picked the maple espresso. We were rather inquisitive about our maple espresso. Would it be as fascinating as the vanilla espresso? How would the maple’s element be accommodated within the coffee blend? What about the portion? We watched the big mug of coffee being poured as the staff beckoned ‘Maple espresso!’ The coffee was rather thick and well blended. It was a better espresso for him, as he gulped down their signature creation. Albeit it’s housed comfortably, Second Cup appears more suitable for family gatherings or business meetings. 

What do you think?

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