Coffee Shop review #4: Kino Cafe

Want to surprise that special someone in your life with the little things in life? Head down to Kino Café after sunset and watch Dubai Mall’s musical fountain at its best. Yes, this humble café is the unexplored view of the famous fountain that gathers hundreds of people every night. You can choose between the elegant indoor seating and the fresh, breezy outdoors. But if I were you, I’d either eat rather spend the mandatory AED 50 and eat outside with a steady breeze flowing and the glorious musical fountain playing in the background. Alright, enough said about the venue, but our menu was beyond amusing. Coffee and tea varieties we had never realize even existed. If you’re a tea person, you’ll definitely be excited with their Jasmine tea. Our Sumiyaki arrived pretty quickly, and felt like a suitably blended aromatic cup of coffee. Little did we know that the Japanese coffee is distinguished by the use of coconut milk! If your eyes do catch a glimpse of the grey buzzer placed at the table corner, you won’t have to struggle beckoning them for your order.

What can we say about the café? Amazing view, perfect atmosphere for a quiet chat with a friend and an interesting menu that encourages you to experiment!     



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