The fallen fruit

Just when you thought Google was trying too hard by acquiring Youtube, it went one step further by developing an Android market. After being a blissful owner of a Samsung Galaxy S, I could not have been more proud of my device’s advantages over a blackberry (since I own both of them). However, I did have second thoughts about upgrading my old iPod Touch for the new iPhone after the iOS 5 was released with the uber-wonderful iCloud and Siri. Do I hate wires? yes, very much. Under my work-desk lie two baskets filled with the non-distinct black ones and the white wires undeniably part of my Apple family. 

Apple’s new iCloud sync was literally the reason for me to research comparisons between the new iPhone and a Samsung product and the new Sony phone. And while all my offline research pointed towards buying a new iPhone, I could not help but wonder why weren’t Apple’s competitors acting against this new development already!


Lo and behold, Google Play, they say be careful what you wish for! An app store completely dedicated to consumers owning an Android device, Google has taken a step further from being a user-driven search engine to a multimedia platform (with Youtube) and is now stealthily conquering the mobile-continent. A friend who recently grew very fond of Instagram, was seriously considering buying an Apple product…….that is until Instagram became available on Android devices. Nice move there Google. 

But the best part? Integrating a network of apps between Google and its android devices, has now enabled wireless syncing between any devices attached to a common user. Do I hear similarities between iCloud and this new innovation? With Google play, I can sync all my music, movies, books, download apps, sync photos and all documents wirelessly without spending another AED 2000 for an iPhone! The wizard of tech geeks has indeed struck third base. And with the unfortunate demise of Apple’s genius CEO, I can only wonder what future lies with his fallen fruit. 

What do you think?

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