Coffee shop review#4: Caribou Coffee

Another coffee shop with brown leather furniture. Sigh. Pardon me, since it was just very common to find cafes with the traditional seating. We seated ourselves and waited for their staff to attend to us, but in vain. Caribou is another self-serving coffee shop, so we ordered and headed towards our seating after receiving our beverages. We chose a caramel macchiato and mini chocolate cheese cupcake (for just AED 7!). Funky combination eh? What’s more amusing are their customized napkins with doodles and scribbled text that added life to the vacant café. So I wasn’t satisfied with their interiors or service, but I did leave my last expectations for their food. My friend stared at his huge glass of macchiato “I did order for their smallest portion, right?”, while I dived for their adorable mini cupcake. The cheese melted while the chocolate icing lathered my mouth. Yummm……….two eager chocoholic bites and my mini cupcake was done. While my face exhibited composure, my head performed a Bollywood version of ‘noooooooooooo!’ Ahem….I’d also recommend their blueberry cheesecake and brownie slice (ask them to warm it and feel the difference!). Their branch at Dubai Festival City appears more comfortable, so if you’re looking for a lovely brunch with friends, Caribou at DFC would be just right!

Our bill: 26 aed 


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