Top iPad apps for students

#Idea Sketch:

Ever had too many ideas for a project but had a tough time organising them? Try ‘Idea Sketch’! This app allows you to create titles in the form of boxes and later link them however you want. You don’t have to fill pages after pages with the structure, functions, team structure etc All you need to do, is create as many titles as you want, and later link them to their parent titles. The screen can be zoomed out as much as you want, so your entire project’s structure is available on one platform. You can even include notes in separate boxes.


Adults live by it, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t. This is your offline virtual hard disk. The iPad, unfortunately, does not serve as a USB or hard disk, despite the storage capacity (16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB) it delivers. So there are plenty of apps which provide that space for you. Dropbox is one of the best storage apps you’ll find at the iTunes App store. All your notes, files, movies, photos that cannot be placed within the iPad via iTunes, can be stored using Dropbox. All you need is a Dropbox online account and installation of the program on your PC or Mac. The free version of this app is limited to 2 GB but we recommend Evernote and MobileMe if you need more free storage space on your iPad.


University students: this one is ‘purrfect’ for you! Want to stay updated on the latest trends in your course of study? This is like your own customized magazine where you get to decide what you want to read. Forget front page articles where you skim through the headlines and the regional news where you hardly read three paragraphs (if it’s not a scandal). This app combines your interests into sections and gathers the top news of those articles in a front page format. Get ready to keep coming back to your iPad for updates on the latest technology, discovery, political uprising, movies, books and the world (if you’d like) You can select topics of interest and it will automatically build the magazine for you. The front page comprises of top stories based on the topics of your selection, and as you read, you can choose to see more stories of a similar interest, or a news source, and share those stories on your various social media profiles. Now how cool is that!

#For the artist:

Sketchbook is one of the graphic designing apps available, but we would suggest you to buy a suitable stylus for drawing before using the iPad as a graphic tablet. Adobe has also designed photoshop and illustrator for the iPad (paid apps) so you might want to try them too, but they’re nowhere near as perfect as the PC/Mac based Photoshop and Illustrator programs.

#For the businessman:

Running around in suits for meetings and interviews can get exhausting and even messy if you don’t organize your time well. Check out flex team, a 9-to-5 scheduler built for the business mind in you. The full version is paid so you might have to sacrifice some of your pocket money. But come on! Time is money remember? And if nothing else, Apple’s iCal is pretty good enough to handle all your tasks and set your weekly classes or meetings in motion. (but it ain’t as colorful as FlexTeam!)

#Our Winner: inClass:

Not only does this app keep track of your subjects, but also gives space for your projects, assignments, your professors contact details. Your subjects can be arranged per semester, as you can create multiple semester entries and handle your subjects accordingly. But these features are already available in other apps, and probably with more colours. Yet, the best part of this app is that you can also note down your lectures, and record them. Yes, we’re not bluffing, it’s been tried and tested. Think you’re too tired to pay attention in class? Just hit the record button and this little app will do the trick! You can later tag the recorded session and typed notes to a subject and it gets stored according to the date and time. And it’s free! So like it, love it and live by it! 


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