Coldplay: An Infectious Start of New Year

So how shall I describe my first concert? Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit that I hit 21 without having attended any concerts, but it was a question of value rather than the opportunity. Why people spent over AED 300 (a little less than a $100) for a concert was out of my comprehension; until I saw Coldplay live this New Year’s Eve.

The band was welcomed with fireworks and thrilled fans as they opened with their latest album Mylo Xyloto’s single Hurts like Heaven. Despite having waited for five hours (yes, we were really early), the band kept us on our toes for a little more than an hour. A few songs from their fifth album were accompanied by past hits such as ‘Yellow’, ‘Lost’, ‘Viva La Vida’, ‘The Scientist’ and more. We yelled our lungs out in sync with the band while my friend stood in astonishment as Chris Martin apparently made eye contact with him before jumping on stage (yes, he’s a boy and has been a true fan of Coldplay since their first album).

You can imagine our love-struck grin when the paper confetti made their long-awaited debut at Abu Dhabi. Each performance involved different effects like smoke, laser, huge screen and giant balloons that entertained a crowd of over 20,000 fans.

Their latest hit track Paradise was followed by a digital countdown to New Year’s, which was phenomenal, and soon concluded by their all-neon performance of Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. The concert was excitement, suspense, thrill, energy, happiness and persistence all packed in one hour. The band departed after midnight and left the audience to be stunned by fireworks on display from the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

The Coldplay ‘nation’ exiting the concert were faced by the predictably daunting traffic. Yet, contrary to being frustrated, we reminisced the surreal night on the way home, while listening to some more Coldplay tracks on loop at a radio station. It was the perfect start for a new year.

As published in One Eight One magazine Feb 2012 issue.

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