Coffee-shop review #2: Shakespeare & Co.

Shakespeare & Co I’d be surprised if you’ve missed to spot this vintage-English café right besides Galleries Lafayette. From the crockery, menu to the furniture and pastel colors, this little coffee house takes you back to the 18th century when beauty appeared in antique interiors. The staff were very presentable and attended to us immediately.

Vanilla espresso sounded like an interesting combination, so we went ahead with it. And it sure was! Imagine a cup of hot coffee topped with a thick scoop of vanilla ice cream. What was once hot soon turned ice cold once the vanilla merged with the coffee. If you prefer iced coffee with a little difference, this would be perfect for you! Also, the Shakespeare-ish coffee house gives you the suitable background to try that fake bri’ish accent you’ve always wanted (what? We’ve all tried it once! Little Britain, anyone?) If you’re a fan of Jane Austen classics, you would certainly enjoy the experience! As for the rest of you, go easy on the slightly outworn furniture would you? It’s supposed to look old, ya know?

(As published in ‘one eight one’ magazine, now being sold at virgin megastores across Dubai and Abu Dhabi)


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