Coffee-shop review #1: Starbucks

A cozy café located at the end of Borders in Mall of Emirates, appears to be a comfortable venue for reading, browsing, meeting and casual chatting. The small café follows the interiors and atmosphere of any other parent Starbucks café around Dubai.

My friend ordered the White Mocha Chocolate Latte while I opted for the rather tempting Marble brownie. Just to let you know, if you do expect customer service, Starbucks relies on self-service.

While my friend was engrossed with the latest issue of Rolling Stones and his coffee, I decided to take a bite of the sumptuous warmed Marble Brownie. Albeit the brownie was too sweet for me, my friend certainly found the atmosphere perfect for a good relaxed read (their caramel macchiato was also recommended by friends).

Starbucks may not be the ‘cool’ hangout for youth, but it’s suitable for business meetings, completing those last-minute projects with Wi-Fi and caffeine (who doesn’t need it while working?), and interviews (if you’re young and lucky to be featured in a publication!). However, this small café inside Borders would be booming with students had they provided free Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, this venue is usually crowded and does serve well if you’re looking for a cup of coffee and a good read.

Rating: **


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