When you’re out and about in this exuberant city of Dubai, your activities and eat-outs are dictated by budgets. See that fancy Burberry bag on display? Sorry babydoll, but you can’t have it! Unless you’re willing to max out on your credit card.

I remember loitering around my college food court’s menu cards, holding one meager green note which was just not enough for any meal. I was hungry and broke. The worst combination for any living, especially in the city dubbed as ‘las vegas of the Middle East’.

However, there are a few offers that grow to become a blessing during such a dilemma. All those fancy vouchers from Gulf News, or Entertainer, suddenly become best friends with your wallet. And so does the Timeout’s CityCard, free to register and obtain with an uber-long list of discounts at various eateries across Dubai.

And suddenly, its not so bad living here on a tight budget when so much can be made available for even the unemployed. Why thank you cards that offer free-dom!

What do you think?

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